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Product measurement

You are a product manufacturer, but you are still missing the corresponding room acoustic data? Contact us.

Your data can thus be added directly to the Sarooma database or the WebApp on your website.

We measure in accordance with the guidelines and compile the results for you in an expert report.

Everything from a single source: measurements, result documentation, integration in WebApp and database. You only need to provide your products.

Product measurements

for manufacturers of absorbers

Product measurement of room acoustic materials according to ISO 354

As a manufacturer of acoustic absorbers, you would like to integrate the Sarooma software on your website or have your products included in the database? Your new product data sheet is ready, but you are still missing the data on acoustic absorption?

At Sarooma, we offer the possibility of measuring your products in compliance with ISO 354 and documenting the results (in accordance with ISO 11654) in an expert report. Your new products can then be integrated directly into the Sarooma WebApp and published on your website and added to the Sarooma database.

We measure different types of absorbers, such as wall absorbers and ceiling absorbers, as well as absorbing objects, such as furniture or other acoustic materials.

We measure to classify acoustic materials and make them available to room acoustic planning. As a customer, you receive important product information for communicating with your customers and specialist planners so that they can take your products into serious consideration for their projects.


Measurement procedure
  • You contact us and tell us which products you want to measure
  • Together, we clarify the desired scope of products and product setups and draw up a measurement plan and schedule with you
  • Based on this measurement plan we will submit you an offer
  • After receiving the order, we arrange an appointment and clarify any details about the process and logistics
  • At the measurement date, you provide us with your products and, if necessary. mounting materials are available. Ideally, you should attend the measurement appointment to ensure that the products are installed correctly. We measure the products for you according to the standards and then prepare an expert report with the results, which we send to you.
  • Your data will be inserted into the database or your WebApp, if desired.
Your advantages

You get everything from a single source:

  • We measure your acoustic products
  • You will receive an appointment at short notice, no long waiting times
  • You get the results that comply with the guidelines
  • The new products can be integrated directly into the Sarooma database and into the WebApp on your website. This way the process is fast and mistakes are avoided
Policy compliance
  • according to DIN EN ISO 345:2003 and with ISO 20189:2018
  • in a reverberation chamber
  • with broadband excitation
  • the evaluation is carried out according to ISO 11654:1997 and ISO 20189:2018




The DesktopApp designed for professional planners who want to access the multi-vendor product database for their projects.


The WebApp and MobileApp, developed for product manufacturers, with the possibility to calculate room acoustic projects with their own product range.




Are you facing new challenges? We will be happy to advise you and work with you.


Sarooma offers regular training courses for professional planners and room acoustics beginners.

Do you have questions about our products?

Feel free to write us a message or give us a call.