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About us

The Sarooma Team

Florian Fordermaier

Florian Fordermaier

Managing Director

I have been supporting Sarooma from a programming point of view for many years, working with Jörg Hunecke in the beginning and now having another strong partner at my side with SoundPLAN. Sarooma’s continued existence is thus assured and it can move into the future with further innovations.

Michael Gillé

Michael Gillé

Managing Director

Through my active involvement in standardization work and committee activities, I am close to development and also contribute my knowledge to Sarooma.

Thanks to my many years of experience in quality assurance at SoundPLAN, I can use this knowledge, transfer it to Sarooma and thus also guarantee the quality of Sarooma.

Jochen Schaal

Jochen Schaal

Managing Director

From attending many acoustics conferences over the years, I have been able to build an extensive network. Among others, this has led to cooperations with d&b Audiotechnik, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics and the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences. This is also one of the reasons¸ why Sarooma fits so well with SoundPLAN.

Stefan Weigand

Stefan Weigand

Product Support

My first steps into room acoustics planning 20 years ago were to upgrade the rehearsal rooms of my own and friends’ bands. Since then, acoustics, good sound, has been my passion and profession. My scientific work dealt with the validation of room acoustics prediction methods together with SoundPLAN. At Sarooma, I take care of data maintenance, support industry and planning customers, organize trainings and contribute ideas for the development of the software.

Dr. Thomas Judd

Dr. Thomas Judd

Software Developer

At SoundPLAN I am responsible for software development in the field of room acoustics and supported Sarooma with innovative solutions especially in the field of auralization.

Jasmin Hörmeyer

Jasmin Hörmeyer

Product Support

Working in different fields of acoustics, I was able to build up a versatile expertise and a good network. When creating content for Sarooma’s social media presence, as well as working on the new Sarooma website, I am able to not only share my expertise, but also put my creative side to work.


from Sarooma and the room acoustics calculator


First online room acoustics calculator

  • developed by Dr. Jörg Hunecke
  • with short reverberation time calculation
  • intended for HiFi fans for the time being
  • Idea arises to offer this also for product manufacturers
  • Publication on the Internet
  • first room acoustics calculator of its kind


Online room acoustics calculator for product manufacturers

  • for isolated product manufacturers and only in-house
  • For the time being, only for technical operation (one of the first cloud solutions)
  • Desire for offline Windows computer with database arises


The team finds together

  • Florian Fordermaier (current managing director) joins forces with Dr. Jörg Hunecke
  • Ideas for first DesktopApp being developed


Release of the first desktop app for the room acoustics calculator

  • first presentation at the building physicists meeting of the HfT Stuttgart
  • DIN 18041:2016 already implemented


Foundation of Sarooma GmbH

  • Dr. Jörg Hunecke and Florian Fordermaier found Sarooma GmbH
  • the first mobile app of the room acoustics calculator for iOS is developed


First mobile app of the room acoustics calculator for Android

  • the first MobileApp for Android is released


SoundPLAN GmbH acquires a stake in Sarooma GmbH

  • First talks with SoundPLAN GmbH regarding search for successor and further development of Sarooma GmbH
  • SoundPLAN GmbH acquires a stake in Sarooma GmbH
  • the Sarooma team grows and beside Florian Fordermaier Michael Gillé and Jochen Schaal become managing directors


Release of the DesktopApp 2.0

  • The desktop app of the room acoustics calculator is now available in English and German
  • Sarooma Cloud for Private Data is set up: Now you can share your self-created absorbers with your team
  • Self-created absorbers can now also be assigned to images


Release of DesktopApp 2.1

  • New standards and regulations (PN-B-02151-4) are added


Release of DesktopApp 2.2 with many new features

  • Measurement data import is developed and room acoustic calculations can be performed based on real measurements
  • Chart gallery is introduced in the product database, making it even easier to find the right absorber
  • Full text search is provided
  • new regulations (ASR 3.7 and VDI 2569) are supplemented
  • A data interface to SoundPLAN is developed and published and sound absorption coefficients can now be directly imported into the SoundPLAN database


Development of Sarooma RRS

  • Room acoustics recommendation for living rooms is developed and published
  • with the title: Recommendation for Residential Spaces RSS 2023-1


Release of the DesktopApp V2.3

  • now with input of climatic conditions
  • improved result display
  • improved Word export


New web app for the room acoustics calculator is released

  • the new generation of Sarooma WebApp is developed and goes online
  • the new WebApp appears in a new design, which can be customized, the program base is renewed and runs more stable
  • Audio examples are added, which can be used to “listen in” to the planned room acoustics measures in advance.


    New website and social media presence go online

    • The new Sarooma website goes online
    • on social media, the SaroomaABC (Acoustic Basic Course) is created, which regularly provides you with small morsels of basic acoustic knowledge.


    still the leading room acoustics calculator




    The desktop app designed for professional planners who want to access the cross-manufacturer product database for their projects.


    The WebApp and MobileApp, developed for product manufacturers, with the possibility to calculate room acoustic projects with their own product range.



    Product measurements

    You are still missing the room acoustic data for your new products? We offer to measure your products according to the guidelines.


    Are you facing new challenges? We will be happy to advise you and work with you.

    Do you have any questions about our room acoustics calculators or our range of services?

    Please feel free to write us a message or give us a call.