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Knowledge transfer

Sarooma ABC

Sarooma ABC – Acoustics Basic Course – an acoustics course that shares knowledge in small bites on social media in weekly posts.

Designed to stimulate interest in acoustics and provide the necessary vocabulary for further research.


Short and concise content, tailored to the social media format, that focuses on imparting basic knowledge.

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Sarooma RRS (DE)

Sarooma recommendation for living spaces (RSS 2023-03)

In diesen Sarooma-Empfehlungen für Wohnräume (RRS) werden Sollwerte für die Nachhallzeit (RT) für typische Wohnräume festgelegt, nämlich für Flure/Treppenhäuser, Wohn- und Esszimmer, Schlafzimmer, Küchen und Wohnräume für die Mediennutzung.

Sarooma RRS (EN)

Sarooma Recommendations for Residential Spaces (RSS 2023-03)

In these Sarooma Recommendations for Residential Spaces (RRS), desired
reverberation time (RT-) values for typical residential spaces, namely: hallways/
staircases, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms for
media usage are set.

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The DesktopApp designed for professional planners who want to access the multi-vendor product database for their projects.


The WebApp and MobileApp, developed for product manufacturers, with the possibility to calculate room acoustic projects with their own product range.




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Sarooma offers regular training courses for professional planners and room acoustics beginners.

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