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Industrial customers and product manufacturers

With Sarooma WebApp you get a calculation software that allows you to offer your products directly on your website in the WebApp or in a dedicated MobileApp.

What distinguishes us

Your customers can perform room acoustic planning on your website with your products and select the ideal product depending on the spatial conditions. Your technical sales department can also easily plan and implement projects in this way.

Customize the design to fit your business, also choose from 15 languages and 10 rule sets to tailor the WebApp to your customers and markets.

With the listening test, you and your customers have the opportunity to “listen in” on the planned measures and compare variants. This makes it easier for you to communicate the effects and benefits of your products to laypeople.

Let us measure your products in the laboratory according to ISO 354 and ISO 11654 . We will issue you a test certificate and insert the new data directly into the WebApp as well as the Sarooma database.

Software products

for product manufacturers

WebApp and MobileApp

The WebApp and MobileApp, developed for product manufacturers, with the possibility to calculate room acoustic projects with their own product range.


Visitors to your website can use the WebApp to perform room acoustic planning with the sound absorbers in your product range and have the calculation results compiled in the form of a PDF document.


The MobileApp for tablets and smartphones is the ideal tool for your technical sales. Individual rooms can be combined into projects, saved and edited later, even without the Internet.

Product measurement

As a manufacturer of acoustic products, you would like to integrate the Sarooma software on your website or have your products included in the database? However, you are still missing the corresponding room acoustic data?

Sarooma offers the possibility to measure their products according to the guidelines and to document the results in an expert report.

Your newly measured products can then be added directly to the Sarooma database and made available in the WebApp on your website for the calculation of spatial acoustic projects.


We at Sarooma will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Need help developing your absorbers or have a room acoustic project you need help with? Contact us!

We support you with questions concerning your room acoustics project or your product development. We are also happy to handle project processing in cooperation with our partner SoundPLAN, if required. We also advise you on the development of absorbers or other room acoustic materials.

Do you have questions about our products?

Feel free to write us a message or give us a call.